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Actor, (Featured) Extra, Candidate or Audience?

Then you've come to the right place! At In The Picture we have jobs for everyone. Roles for Actors, (Featured) Extras, Candidates and Audiences in movies, television series, musicals, theater productions and commercials. The roles vary from leading role to bystander and everything in between.

Are you more a silent onlooker, do you like entertainment without you actively participating? Then we have for you several game and talk shows where you can go to as an audience.

Registering is completely FREE, safe and easy. Start entering your data to the right. Good luck and have fun with your jobs!

VRT VRT Woestijnvis Woestijnvis Studio A Studio A Eyeworks Eyeworks Studio 100 Studio 100 VT4 VT4 DED's it Productions DED's it Productions EXQI EXQI Ketnet Ketnet Pupkin Film Pupkin Film Blazhoffski Blazhoffski Rabbit Rabbit Hotel Hungaria Hotel Hungaria EEN EEN Kanakna Kanakna Canvas Canvas Fuworks Fuworks Sultan Sushi Sultan Sushi VTM VTM TROS TROS Koeken Troef Koeken Troef Caviar Caviar Skyline Skyline Shelter Shelter